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Some information about Lonavala?

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What is KLC (Kino Lakeside Chalet )? A hotel, a resort or a bungalow?

Kino Lakeside Chalet (KLC) is a Luxury BOUTIQUE GUEST HOUSE.

What kind of service do I expect from KLC?

KLC is a fully serviced chalet, in terms of room service and house keeping.

Is it "very luxurious" or "very basic"?

KLC is not "very luxurious" nor is it "very basic". It is simply "luxurious".

Other than the scenic beauty of the lake, is there anything else to do in or around Pawna(the Location)?

Sure! There's a lot one can do in and around Pawna such as;


  • the Lonavala Wax Museum
  • Della Adventure sports
  • Visit Tiger point
  • Playing golf at Aamby valley
  • Visit the Bushy dam
  • Lohgad boat club
  • Visit Tikona fort
  • Yoga and Ayurvedic massage centre
Can I carry my alcohol?

Yes -All guests are free to carry their own alcohol without any corkage.

Is there any wine shop around KLC?

Yes, there are many wine shops in Lonavala which stock all brands and there's a local wine shop at a distance of approx 1 km from KLC which stocks only strong beer like Haywards 10000, country made liquor, which may not be advisable. You'll be better off buying from Lonavala.

What about soft beverages?

We serve soft beverages, as compliments in limited supply.

Will you provide glasses, plates and cutlery?

Yes, We provide all kinds of glasses for a varied choice of drinks, plates and cutlery.

Will you provide drinking water?

Yes, We provide Kent RO purified drinking water at no charge and also packaged drinking water on request in limited supply.

Will there be any other guest sharing the chalet?

No other guests will be sharing the chalet since we give it only to single group or family at a time.

Do you have service after mid-night?

On special request, We do provide mid-night service. Kindly be generous in tipping our service crew for the same.

What all do you provide in the room?

All rooms have almost all essentials such as a luxurious set of fresh linen of 400 TC, Duvets, 2 pillows, beds fitted with high end mattresses from snoozer Grand Suites, reading lights , fans, chandelier, curtains, mosquito nets, mortein mosquito vapourizer, two single easy chairs with a coffee table, HD LED 42 inch TV with an HD channel subscribtion from Tata Sky Grand Sports Package and aroma therapy vapourisers. Ensuite bathroom with a separate shower section with hot water, Turkish towels, hand made soaps, 100 % natural shampoo, conditioners and body lotion from Passion Indulge brand, UK. Hair dryer on request.

What should the guest carry of their own?

All guests should carry their own tooth brush, tooth paste, light sweaters, swim suits, etc.

Is the place safe and secure?

Yes, KLC is very safe and secure.

Are there any retail shops for groceries in the vicinity?

All large shops are in Lonavala and very basic and limited stock carrying shops are within a 1 km range.

Are there any restaurants around the chalet?

Yes, there are couple of local restaurants with a very basic variety in menu.

Do you have a boating service?

We have a tie up with the local boat club operator for special discounted pricing and extended timing for joy rides for all our guests.

Do you have a club house?

Our club house is currently under construction.

Are the rooms large in size?

Yes, all rooms are comfortably large with minimum 18 ft x 18 ft or more.

Are lifeguards provided?

No, We don't provide life guards and we don't take any responsibility for any guests. Guests enter the lake at their own risk and responsibility.

How far is it from Lonavala?

KLC is exactly 14 Km's from Lonavala market, which is a 20 to 25 mins drive.

How long does it take to reach from Mumbai?

From Mumbai it takes about two and half hours. We have detailed directions on the "Reach Us" page, also a Google Map, Click on "Get in Touch" at the bottom

How long does it take to reach from Lonavala or how far is it from Lonavala?

KLC is exactly 14 Km's from Lonavala market, which is a 20 to 25 mins drive.

What about the meals?

We provide all meals freshly cooked in home style which includes lunch, high tea with evening snacks, dinner and the next day's breakfast all for Rs 1000/- per head per day for all meals. You can see the Sample menu on the Tariff Page in the Food Plan. You can also download/print the "KLC Information sheet" from the Tariff Page that includes the Tariff, Booking Terms and Conditions, Food menu and Driving Directions

Are the rooms air conditioned?

Yes, The Chalet has 4 fully serviced luxurious Air-Conditioned bedrooms.

What about electric supply?

We have applied for a 3 phase line, however currently we have only a single phase line. The power supply can get erratic in terms of low voltage and at rare times even short power cuts. We don't have any gen sets. We do provide torches if the rare situation does arise.

What about hot water?

All the bathrooms are equipped with 50 litre water heaters. Kindly switch on the water heater at least 20 minutes prior to a shower and please don't forget to switch it off after use.

What about room service and house keeping?

We do provide room service and house keeping during the day time only.

Do you have secured parking?

Yes, We have secured parking for about 6 - 8 cars inside the property.

Do you have a lawn to walk around?

Yes, We have an acre of landscaped lawn.

How big is the property?

The property is about 100,000 sq ft.

Do you have fans in every room?

Yes, We have fans in all the bedrooms, living room and even the bathrooms.

Does it get very hot?

Yes, It can get quite hot in the afternoons between 12 noon and 4 pm, if your directly under the sun. However, its quite windy at the same time. As long as your in the shade you don't feel hot at all.

Are pets allowed?

No pets please.

Is it wheel chair friendly?

No, it's not wheel chair friendly.

What kind of food do you serve?

We serve only home style freshly cooked veg and non veg food. You can see the Sample menu on the Tariff Page in the Food Plan. You can also download/print the "KLC Information sheet" from the Tariff Page that includes the Tariff, Booking Terms and Conditions, Food menu and Driving Directions

What about bathroom hygiene?

Complete hygiene is maintained at all times.

What is provided in the bathrooms?

We provide fresh Turkish towels, handmade soap, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion all from Passion Indulge, United Kingdom.

Can you see the lake from the bathrooms?

Yes, 3 out of 5 bathrooms have lake view.

What is the USP (special) about this chalet?

The Chalet's biggest USP is the Location and the fact that all rooms are lake facing.

Does the chalet have a terrace or a deck area?

Yes, the Chalet has a huge deck of about 1400 sq ft completely lake facing.

Does the chalet have a swimming pool?

Yes, there is an indoor dip pool, not meant for laps, which is built inside a bedroom ( Room 4 ) with complete privacy.

Can we swim in the lake?

Yes, at your own risk one can very well swim in the lake.

Are there crocodiles in the lake?

No, there are absolutely NO CROCODILES in the lake.

Who is responsible for swimming in the lake?

We don't take any responsibility for anyone swimming in the lake, however, to safeguard your life we do provide life jackets on request.

Do we have to carry our own soaps ,shampoo, conditioner and body lotion?

No, you don't need to carry your own soaps, shampoo's, conditioners and body lotion since these are provided with compliments.

Do we have to carry our own towels?

No, We provide Turkish Towels for all our guests.

Do we have to carry our own linen and blankets?

No, we provide fresh linen and blankets for all our guests.

Are hair dryers provided for use, if requested?

Yes, hair dryers are provided for use on request.

How many guests can the chalet accommodate?

The Chalet has 4 Bedrooms and can accommodate 4 couples and 12 extra guests with extra beds provided on the floor.

Is there an extra charge for extra guests?

Yes, there is an extra charge of Rs 3,500/- per guest per day including all meals. ( Rs 2,500/- Stay + Rs 1000/- food Plane = Rs 3,500/-). You can also download/print the "KLC Information sheet" from the Tariff Page that includes the Tariff, Booking Terms and Conditions, Food menu and Driving Directions

Do you provide full Beddings for every guest

Yes, we provide a full Bedding solution for every guest which includes a mattress, fresh linen, pillows and duvets.

Where will the extra guests take a shower and which toilet will they use?

The extra guests can take a shower in the bathroom located in the living Room whereby none of the bedroom toilets may be used giving full privacy to all the guests in the bedrooms.

Do you have HD TVs in every room?

Yes, we have High Definition flat screen LED TV's along with HD Tata Sky Grand Sports package.

Are drugs and prostitution allowed?

Drugs and Prostitution are very STRICTLY PROHIBITED in our Chalet.NO DRUGS should be possessed nor consumed by any guest on this property. If any guest is found indulging in the same, we will terminate the booking immediately and all guests will have to vacate the property instantly and unconditionally without any refunds whatsoever. A Police Complaint will be registered.

Can we get our own alcohol?

Yes, our guests are free to get their own Alcohol.

Do you charge any corkage?

No, we don't charge any corkage.

Do you serve ice on request and is it charged?

Yes, we do serve ice on request and its with our compliments.

Do you serve bottled drinking water?

Yes, we serve limited number of packaged drinking water as compliments.

Do you provide wine and champagne glasses on request?

Yes, we provide our expensive collection of wine and Champagne glasses for use.

In case of any damage or breakage, do you bill the guest?

Yes, all breakage of glassware and damage to property will be billed accordingly.

What mattresses are provided in all the rooms?

Top of the line mattresses are provided in all bedrooms from brands such as Spring Air - USA, Grand Suites - German Technology from Siemens, etc.

Do we have to carry our own music system?

Yes, you can carry your own music system.